Standard Poodles
of Emmett Idaho

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Our dog breeding business offers the finest Standard Poodles ready for loving homes

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The name “poodle” comes from the German words “pudel” or “pudelin”, which translates to “splash in the water”. This description suits the breed, it is well known that poodles are water dogs. Originally thy we were used as hunting dogs and are still sometimes used for that purpose
Today, poodles are still natural water retrievers and can hunt ducks and birds.
The standard poodle originated in Germany, but the poodle is the national dog of France, which is why people get often confused about where the breed started

About Us

Standard Poodles of Emmett Idaho is located 40 miles from the beautiful Boise, Idaho. We have been breeding Standard Poodles since 2020. But I have been a dog breeder for 30 years

Our adult Poodles are spoiled rotten. Their pups are well socialized and extremely loving. Each of them is ready to become a wonderful new addition to any family.

We are a small kennel in Emmett, Idaho that is committed to raising Standard Poodles of the best quality. Come visit us and meet the crew. You are welcome.